Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set

About the Company ~ "Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home. Ozeri began as a supplier to the destination club market. This market spans vacation residences in the destination club industry, fractional residences, timeshares, and condo hotel apartments.

Ozeri is also an emerging brand in the consumer marketplace. Ozeri products are made to the consumer through an efficient business model. Unlike competitive brands, with Ozeri products the final price borne by the customer is not burdened by advertising, marketing, and other traditional costs that support brand equity. The Ozeri brand is instead built on the relationships formed by touch-points that countless guests have with out products at vacation residences around the world."
I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review one of their products. The Ozeri Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set is a must for any kitchen! The set includes a 3" paring kinfe, a 5" slicing knife and a 6" chef's knife. 


I love to cook, but I hate cutting vegetables and meats, especially with a dull knife. Tomatoes and soft vegetables usually looked smashed when I'm done cutting them. Not with these knives...this set includes 3 ultra-sharp 100% ceramic knives that made slicing through these vegetables and meats easy.

The perfectly balanced ergonomic handles on these knives made chopping and dicing a breeze! I also cut my time in hands were not tired and aching at all. With six people in my home, making dinner is always time consuming. 

The blades are made from the purest ceramic making each one close to hardness as diamonds while preserving their razor shape blade 10 times longer than traditional steel blades. They will not rust or corrode after long exposure to moisture and/or oils. The best part is they won't leak metal ions into the foods you eat.

These knives are so elegant looking, it's hard to believe the price. Each one is finished with a reflective black veneer and weigh less than half the weight of traditional metal knives. I am going to buy my Mom a set for Mother's Day as I think they will really help her in the kitchen with her arthritis.

You can buy your very own set on Amazon for only $38.95. For further information on all of their products, be sure to like them on Facebook and for additional products and updates.  

Disclosure: I received the above product free of cost in exchange for a review. The opinion expressed is 100% my own and not influenced by the sponsor or anyone else. 


  1. These look awesome! I hate going through drawers for 5 minutes pulling out knives that aren't sharp because that means I then have to clean them all too. You can never have enough sharp knives though for veggies and such in the kitchen.

  2. I love these knives for all the reasons you pointed out!

  3. Thank you for having this kind of information. With so many knifes on the market it makes it hard to decide so I rely on this kind of information.

  4. I usually have a handful of different knives on hand just to prep dinner these look like a time saver without a doubt I cant wait to get a set of these..Keith.

  5. I love everything about these knives & I have arthritis as well (even though I'm only 30 lol) & my hands & fingers bother about the worst so thank you for the info & review :)