Monday, August 12, 2013

PowerMyLearning Review

I have to admit I loved school and homework. On Saturdays, I never watched Saturday morning cartoons with my brothers, I used to watch the local education channel that taught Math. Unfortunately, I don't see any programs like that anymore. Imagine my excitement when I found

My son starts kindergarten in two weeks and I've been worried about his skills because he did not go to pre-school. For the last three weeks we have been working daily with the applications and games on the PowerMyLearning website, and I'm thrilled to see how excited and well he is doing. He even asks me "Is it time for me to do my homework?" is a fantastic website designed to improve and maintain your child's academic skills. There are so many subjects and activities to choose from on various grade and skill levels, your child should not lose interest. I also had my 12 year old stepson practicing his Math and Reading. He has a tendency to forget many things over the summer and struggles as the new school year starts. This is a great program to prevent that. 

Some of the games and 
activities are actually links to PBS and Nick Jr. websites. I was thrilled to see my son's favorite so far is a PBS program called Martha Speaks. Each story is a new adventure with a talking dog, Martha and her 10 year old owner. Throughout the story, certain words are emphasized, defined and an example is given. He has already learned so many new words and tries to use them in his own sentences.

The program also allows a parent to link a child's account with theirs and provides reports showing the activities your child is using. Stop by their website, PowerMyLearning and take advantage of all it has to offer you and your child. It definitely put's the fun in learning.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Regardless, all opinions are honest and not influenced in any way. 


  1. This sounds really neat! I will have to share this with my friends! I'm sure their kids would benefit from something like this.

  2. This seems great for my girls when they are a little bit older. THanks for the info! Great for summer break!

  3. I always loved things that made learning fun for Jackie, I'll share this with her for the babies.