Friday, September 7, 2012

Vaseline Total Moisture

There is nothing I find more luxurious than a good lotion, especially if it comes with a massage. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to try all three of the Total Moisture line from Vaseline. I went in with high expectations because it is a brand I use and love already. I didn’t expect to find that the three varieties offer a different experience beyond just having different smells which is what I fully expected.

Total Moisture, in the yellow bottle with pure oat extract is my new daily favorite. It is very light and totally absorbs leaving no greasy feeling at all. That seems to be very hard to come by lately. I almost get the feeling that companies are mistaking a left over film for moisture. At any rate there is none of that here all you are left with is soft touchable skin. It has no scent to speak of which works perfect for everyday use because you don’t have to worry with it fighting with against your perfume or body spray. After only a few days of use I noticed an overall improvement in the way my skin felt all day not just after the lotion was applied.

Aloe Fresh, in the green bottle with pure aloe is one step up in weight. It is still a very light lotion and one you could easily use every day. I used this one as my night time lotion since there a light scent that didn’t really complete my body spray. This one also totally absorbs leaving no film or anything other than a light fresh scent and soft smooth skin. I also notice that the scent didn’t linger so if you wanted to use a lotion a little heavier than the first you could effectively use this one if you allowed a little time for the scent to go away.

Cocoa Radiant, in the brown bottle with pure cocoa butter is a very luxurious lotion. This is the kind of lotion I like to use on a spa day or any day I just feel like I need a little extra pampering. It has that tropical beach smell that instantly carries me away from the days troubles. You can feel it is a bit thicker and your extra dry spots don’t stand a chance against it.

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